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Batau Travels specializes in niche segment of Mountain, Beach, Exotic Desert Destinations around the world along with International city tours.

From great mountain ranges of Himalayas, The Western Ghats and The Purvanchal Range in India to the Great Alps of Europe, The Andes range of South America, The Rockies and The Appalachians of North America and The Rwenzori in Africa, we cover it all. We provide travellers the best mountain experience nature has to offer along with adventure activities these destinations provide, depending upon the travel style of a person.

The Deserts are nature’s delight that provide travellers a deep insight in the empty vastness of a beautiful landscape along with unique experience they offer. These destinations comprise the most beautiful sand dunes, salt flats, and nights with skies so clear that the Milky Way is in view with naked eye. From Thar desert in India, Sahara of Africa, Atacama Desert of Chile to The great Gobi Desert of Mongolia, we provide you the best prices guaranteed and an experience of a lifetime.

There is a lot to see in the world, be it either nature’s beauty or man made wonder cities. We cover all the major tourist city destinations around the world along with the new unexplored cities. With changing political climate and new travel policies of changing regimes, a number of new city destinations are emerging. We would bring you the untouched beauty of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Bolivia, Cambodia, Ecuador, Egypt, etc and would provide travellers exclusive experience of new culture and UNESCO heritage sites never seen before.

Last but not the least, Beach destinations are distinctive in their own way. They symbolize calm and tranquility resulting in a relaxed environment. We offer such beach destinations that are sure to relieve you from the stress and anxiety of life. The beautiful Sunrise or Sunsets, along with adventure activities of these destinations would imbue a new sense of excitement.

We provide bookings for individuals, newly wed couples, families, small to large groups along with customized tours

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