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Best VPS Hosting Service


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Almost everyone knows very well about web hosting and it’s services. If you are fed up with shared hosting then upgrade your plan with budget VPS hosting.

VPS is a Virtual Private Server. In VPS Hosting, a single server hosts multiple websites like Shared Hosting, but each user gets a private web space to hosting their website because the server is divided virtually.

  1. DomainRacer – Best VPS hosting service.

  2. HostGator –  Reliable VPS hosting service.

  3. DedicatedCore – Fast, Secure VPS hosting.

In VPS hosting, the user gets a dedicated segment of shared server resources, so the user’s website hosting isn’t impacted by other sites on your server. The user also gets some resources for the hosting website.

VPS hosting is a bit costly than shared, but the user gets more resources and to scale your website as your traffic increases.

Means, the user needs not to hold back by slow speed if the website generating more traffic and online business is growing day by day.

Selecting the best cheap VPS providers is a very complex task in today’s growing market. A number of hosting companies are there.

Top 3 Best VPS Hosting services

Following are the some top VPS hosting services. Which provides cheap KVM Linux VPS hosting with good quality service and affordable prices. So, let’s take look at the features of these-

1) DomainRacer – Best VPS hosting service…!!!

Main features of DomainRacer VPS hosting are as follows-

  • Full Root Access of the server.
  • A range of hardware & OS to select. 
  • Support all the Windows & Linux versions.
  • Enabled with cloud technology.
  • Enhanced security system and high performance.
  • Dedicated Live chat support team 24X7.
  • Free SSL Certificate for a secure connection from a server.
  • Unlimited Sites you can have on your server.

2) HostGator – Best Professional & Enterprise hosting…!!!

Main features of Hostgator are as follows-

  • Full root access to manage the account.
  • Fully scalable to grow.
  • Flexible software options.
  • Award-winning support.

3) DedicatedCore – Fast, Secure cheap KVM VPS hosting…!!!

Main features of DedicatedCore hosting are as follows-

  • It offers full root access to all users with KVM infrastructure.
  • Fast and durable SSDs.
  • Resource monitoring dashboard.
  • Setup and security tuning with low-cost.
  • Different cheap VPS hosting services like-Standard, Storage, Windows, VPS Reseller.

These are some top-rated KVM VPS hosting providers in India. In the Linux VPS web hosting technique you must need some technical knowledge for handling your customers’ queries or to solve your own queries.

Most startup or beginner website owners start their website with a shared hosting plan.

Shared hosting is basically designed for small sites that demand not too much. Once your site exceeds with shared hosting, you’ll definitely look for the next step up.

Why VPS Hosting?

This time VPS hosting helps you a lot, you just need to spend some extra. There are six reasons for choosing the best VPS web hosting. Let’s take look –

  • Eminent private disk space.
  • Excessive availability of resources, without interruption.
  • Able to manage and intake high traffic demand and application configuration.
  • High in safety features and security measures.
  • Customizability while maintaining performance & security.
  • Best scalability.

In the shared hosting, a lot of accounts are running from the same machine and each customer gets his/her own folder, but they all share the one common server.

If one customer gets a virus or runs a virus effected script, there’s a risk that everybody else may be impacted in the shared hosting.

But, this is not the case with cheap KVM Linux VPS hosting because you are allocated your own space of server with your own resources. A VPS Linux guard your website against slowed down by other people.

Also, the best VPS hosting with Cpanel packages tend to provide more control and unmetered disk space allowances.

The resource you buy is reserved only for your use. That’s why you must upgrade your website from shared hosting to VPS server.

You will only need to do some research before choosing the best network, because ” Your website is a tool that takes your business to the next level.”

At last in this, I hope you will get an idea about VPS hosting. Almost all the web hosting provider provides VPS hosting nowadays. Get a Linux VPS trial from the best VPS server hosting provider.

DomainRacer and DedicatedCore are the best KVM VPS hosting provider. The features they provide are according to the customer’s choice with instant approval. Also, provide award-winning support and their plan are much more affordable and cheap.

Hope you will choose the best one.!!!