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Ciro & Sal’s is an Italian restaurant in the USA that provides unique traditional Italian dishes for their consumers, made with the fresh local ingredients from the locally caught seafood to the daily homemade sauces and many more. We Provide great and delicious Italian food dishes with a mixture of healthy herbs with full night open and private parties also held at Ciro & Sal’s with wine bar services with great service.

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5 Reviews for Ciro & Sal's

Austin Kerr 0 Reviews
Italian Restaurant

If you are interested in best services with Italian food. Then go to Ciro & Sal’s. they provides best services for their customers.

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Enjoy Best Italian Food with Ciro & Sal's

Ciro & Sal’s is the restaurant which gives the best Italian food for their customers. They provides fresh ingredient food to customers with Traditional Italian Services.

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Best Place for Night Party

Ciro & Sal’s is the best place for night parties. They provide the best facility for the customer and arrange night parties according to the need of customers.

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Go to Ciro & Sal's and Eat Tasty Italian Food

Ciro & Sal’s provides an Italian Food with natural ingredients and provide the best services to their customers.

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nabilglenza 0 Reviews
Best Italian Restaurant in United States to Eat

Ciro & Sal’s is a better restaurant to eat Italian food. I have got a great experience.

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