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Eggless Waffle Receipes At Harsha Enterprises

Best Eggless Waffles Since 2005!

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Premixes are a range of ready to use eggless blends such as Belgian Waffle Cone Premix and various other innovative products. Each premix listed in this section is precisely blended with handpicked raw materials, added uniformly as per their own character, to produce the best products at our certified manufacturing unit in Mumbai.

Why Eggless Belgian Waffle?

  1. Product for any time of the day or night
  2. For any age
  3. For any grade of the market from Kiosks, big parlours to graded Hotels
  4. For any city/town/metro
  5. Low in cost
  6. Low Maintenance
  7. Easy to make Belgian Waffle
  8. Low Manpower
  9. Fits in any size of the parlour
  10. Take-away or serving
  11. Variety of serving options
  12. One base can make an entire menu with a variety of your choice
  13. and of course EGGLESS

Join us to unfold an opportunity to explore new trends in the industry.

You already know this product. However, making your own mix can be a task. Try Nitin’s Eggless Belgian Waffle premix once….Truly a hassle-free product 


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