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Environet Resources Group Inc


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Asbestos is a dangerous mineral that is in many homes because of its history of use in construction to help fireproof homes. It causes many diseases, including cancers. Tens of thousands of Americans die every year from asbestos caused diseases. Most asbestos diseases have a latency period of decades, so there is no way to know of asbestos in your home because you got sick. That is why you need to get your home or building tested for asbestos. Older buildings are a lot more likely to contain asbestos than newer ones. If you don’t know the likelihood of your house containing asbestos, call us to ask.

Unlike asbestos, many people know about lead and its dangers. Lead is very different from asbestos, for example, it is a metal. Lead poisoning also does not have a long latency period. It is especially dangerous for younger children, and can cause many symptoms, in varying levels of intensity. Some symptoms are headaches, slowed growth, and hearing loss.

If you think either of these dangerous materials lurk inside your home, call us now for testing and removal.